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Itu Facility Capabilities Brochure
SHIB is located in Itu, a major industrial region in the state of São Paulo, that is considered the hub for manufacturing equipment and machinery. SHIB is being built on a total land area of 447,000 m2 (approximately 4.8 million ft2), with investments of estimating R $ 130 million (approximately U.S. $ 83 million dollars). The new factory will be completed in November 2011 and put into operation in December 2011. Learn more about Sumitomo's new facility in Brazil by downloading our facility brochure here.
Itu Facility Fabrication Capabilities
Milling Cutter
Surface Treatment
Testing Laboratories
Quality Control
Itu Manufacturing Facility Address
Rodovia do Açúcar (SP-075) km 26
Itu - SP   CEP:13312-500  Brazil    
Itu Facility Facts
Total Area: 447,000 m2
Building Area: 20,000 m2
Location: City of Itu, São Paulo - Brazil
Incorporated: November 2011
Paramax 9000

Gear Grinding

Gear grinding by world-famous, high-precision equipment occurs after heat treatment to ensure high accuracy and low noise. All reducers from our company utilize gears processed by this equipment.

Housing Machining

The reducer housings are machined using high precision horizontal machining center.

Product Testing

All of the reducers undergo trial-run testing and inspections to discover any abnormal conditions.

Heat Treatment

Improving gear hardness is an important operation in manufacturing high strength gears, therefore all gears are carburized after cutting.

Shaft Machining

In the final operation for the reducer shafts, the high precision processing is carried out by a cylindrical grinding machine.


Reducer assembly is carried out according to the procedure manuals and standards by highly trained personell.

Gear Cutting

Gears are processed by high-speed gear hobbing machines.

Gear Measuring


All gears manufactured in our factories are measured and documented to meet our high quality standards.

Three-Dimensional Measuring

The machining accuracy of all housings is confirmed using state-of-the-art three dimensional measuring systems.

Itu, São Paulo
Rodovia do Açúcar (SP-075) km 26
Itu - SP   CEP:13312-500  Brazil  

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