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Smart Gearbox

The gearbox is a critical component within individual operations. The conveyors that run 24 hours a day rely on the gearboxes to convert speed and torque into motion.

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Aluminum Can Conveying in the Beverage Industry

Pride Conveyance is a world leader in conveyance systems in the can manufacturing industry utilizing Sumitomo's right angle Hyponic Drive.

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How speed reducers give fast food a break today

In the fast food business, if you're not quicker than the competition you're soon eaten by it. Sumitomo Beier Variators give you a break...rather than a breakdown.

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ColdJet cleans with Cyclo

ColdJet, a leader in dry ice technology, is setting industry standards with new products and cleaning methods. Sumitomo is their supplier of choice for gearmotors in their blasting equipment.

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Cyclo Aerators drive the Aquaculture Industry

Backed by experience, and a reputation for offering one of the most tough and rugged speed reducers in the industry, Sumitomo now offers the same reliable products for the aquaculture industry.

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Sumitomo drives Tortilla Machines

Since 1950, Casa Herrera ( has been providing processing equipment and technical services for the corn and wheat based industries. At the heart of their equipment is a speed reducer manufactured by Sumitomo Drive Technologies.

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Seafood Processing

Shield 360°TM

Shield 360°TM is a family of protection packages specially designed for the food and beverage handling environments. From general purpose solution to harsh high-pressure wash-down environments, Sumitomo has a package that will meet your demands.

Sugar Processing

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