Water Treatment

Smart Gearbox

The gearbox is a critical component within individual operations. The conveyors that run 24 hours a day rely on the gearboxes to convert speed and torque into motion.

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Easy Retrofitting for Wastewater Treatment Applications

The BBB, which replaces the traditional high speed pinion input with a Cycloidal input, made Sumitomo's offering an attractive option for the Wastewater Treatment Industry.

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Aerator Input Requirements

Aerators are a fundamentally essential process in the efficient treatment of wastewater. The basic function of an aerator is to increase oxygen transfer so that beneficial bacteria can break down the pollutants in the water. Gearboxes are used to aerate

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Cyclo drives in Perlite Furnaces

Incon Corporation specializes in perlite process systems and equipment that are run by Sumitomo's compact Cyclo Drives.

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Clean Water Treatment

Using our expertise as one of the world’s leading designers of clean water treatment speed reduction systems, Sumitomo develops packages suited for your industry’s demanding conditions.

Waste Treatments and Disposal

Cyclo® and Paramax® mixers, agitators, aerator and clarifier drives are designed to endure the tests of time, hostile environments and shock overloads of up to 500%. These products help with the daily management of waste and keep wastewater treatment facilities operating. Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ products and facilities are environmentally friendly and ISO 14001 certified.

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