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Hyponics Rotate Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

Jim Yarter


Dallas, TX is the corporate home of Neiman Marcus, one of the country's most exclusive department stores. This year's Premier Christmas Decoration at their Number 1 store is dedicated to the new green initiatives we see in many aspects of our lives.  It is call the "Clean Tree".  It uses 59 rotating translucent globes filled with crushed up aluminum cans, diapers, rolled newspapers and the likes arranged in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

Each globe holds written comments as it changes colors and rotates.  One holding diapers would say, "A typical baby will use 10,000 diapers a year" and another filled with aluminum cans says, "Americans throw away enough aluminum in three months to rebuild ALL of our commercial airplanes."  The window is always open and lit and showcases six trees.

These trees were designed and assembled by Communilux Productions in Dallas, TX.  Applied Industrial Technologies, a national distributor of Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, helped select and sell Hyponic Drives (RNYX 1340Y 1440) that rotates these trees. The Hyponic drive is located at the ceiling and rotates the large flat cylinder at the top at about 1 revolution per minute.   The exhibit will be up through Christmas and New Year's.  Afterwards, the trees will be auctioned off and donated to two different institutions.

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