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Elevator, Escalator & Moving Walkways

Reliable Elevator Drives from Sumitomo

John Parkhurst

MunsonWorks (www.munsonworks.com) specializes in custom design, fabrication, installation, and service of residential trams and outdoor living spaces. MunsonWorks creates an effortless transition from hiking to riding with focus on outdoor residential lifts. Because these trams carry people, they must be constructed of the highest quality components.

A high efficiency gearmotor powers the main drive shaft to which the drum is mounted. The cables are laid onto a drum with a level winding device to assure the cable wraps smoothly and eliminates the possibility of cable-to-cable contact. Sumitomo Drive Technologies provides the reliable and smooth driving gearmotors that meet MunsonWork’s expectations.

“When I started a new business designing, manufacturing and installing inclined elevators, I knew I needed a robust motor with a service factor capable of handling an application involving the transportation of people up and down steep hillsides and rugged terrain…I was sold on the reliability of Sumitomo gearmotors,” said Eric Munson, President of MunsonWorks. “I knew that if I were going to manufacture a high-end tram, I would need one of the best motors available to drive it.”

The main drive motor for one of the tram applications is a Cyclo® BBB washdown unit with Steel-It paint (Keyed hollow bore, 5HP with fail-safe brake, 88:1 ratio, 19.9 RPM output). The Cyclo BBB is ideal for this particular application because of its backlash free torque transmission and resistance to fretting and corrosion.

The overspeed reducer is a Hyponic Drive® with universal mounting options, grease lubrication, hollow bore (1.25”), 10:1 Ratio, 175 RPM output. The 2.0 service factor and shock overload protection of over 300% satisfies MunsonWork’s concern for life-safety issues.

“My whole manufacturing philosophy is always based on the sum of the parts exceeding the whole. With a Sumitomo motor driving our elevators we know the whole tram will meet and exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Munson.

For more information on Cyclo BBB or Hyponic Drives, please contact Sumitomo Drive Technologies at 1-800-SM-CYCLO or email us at customercare@suminet.com.

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