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Sumitomo drives the Airport Logistics Industry to new heights


Reliable and efficient, Sumitomo drives keep your global production lines running smoothly.


Cement manufacturing requires durability. Sumitomo offers rugged, high-torque drives with proven performance in this severe manufacturing environment.


Chemical plants must operate efficiently while meeting environmental standards. Sumitomo high-efficiency gear drives simplify your complex chemical process.

Crane & Hoist

It may be heavy, but Sumitomo’s reliable gear drives take the weight off.

Elevator, Escalator & Moving Walkways

Whether you’re going up and down or sideways, our drives will keep you on the move.

Food and Beverage

Our food-grade products have the same reliability and durability as all Sumitomo gear drives.


Test your severe-duty application with our products; we have the highest shock load capacity in the industry.


Out-mine your competition with the right equipment. Sumitomo offers the toughest gear drives available to meet the harsh demands of these applications.


When accuracy is key, count on Sumitomo. We offer servo drives and motion control drives to meet this industry's needs.

Paper Manufacturing

Stop the presses! Sumitomo drives are ideal for the pulp & paper industry.

Parcel Handling

It is quality and efficiency that Sumitomo gear drives convey.

Plastic & Rubber

Whether it's extrusion or molding, we have the right solution for your industry


Sumitomo drives are built to run in the toughest industries.


Fine control with Sumitomo gear drives helps spin better yarn

Utilities (Power Generation)

Energy savings help energy production. Sumitomo products are also environmentally friendly.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solution: Whether you are creating drinking water or cleaning waste water, Sumitomo drives are your water treatment industry solution.

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Sumitomo's product Configurator is live! Select the ideal Sumitomo product for your application, download 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings and models, and print out a technical spec sheet of your configuration!
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