How does gear efficiency impact energy savings?

Two gears in mesh incur losses in efficiency due to the sliding action of one gear tooth against the corresponding gear tooth of the mating gear.  This sliding action reduces the overall efficiency of the gearset since usable power is converted to heat.  It is not accurate to say that a specific gear type has definate efficiency associated with it, however some gear types typically operate at lower efficiencies than others.

Sumitomo's HYPONNIC drives use patented all-steel hypoid gear technology that leads the industry in high-efficiency and quiet operations.  These gears ensure long service life and deliver efficiencies of 80-85% across ratios from 30:1 to 1440:1.  In comparison, worm gears usea combination of soft and hard gearing  which shortens service life, and they operate at efficiencies that decline as ratio increases.  For these reasons, customers choosing Hyponic drives for their application usually see significant utility cost savings, and a resultant reduction in their energy bills.


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