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Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Launches Microsite Targeting the Food and Beverage Industry

July 1, 2015
Sabrina Warburton

The microsite allows customers to navigate through the SHIELD360°TM family of food and beverage speed-reducer protection packages to identify the best fit for each specific application.


In March 2015, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) introduced its SHIELD360°TM family of food and beverage protection packages. The four packages: SHIELD360°TM, MicroSHIELD360°TM, ChemiSHIELD360°TM, and UltraSHIELD360°TM, were developed to uniquely withstand environments ranging from general industrial to high-pressure washdown applications.


Today, SMA announces the launch of a highly intuitive microsite containing interactive tools that help customers navigate and match the packages to different applications. First, the visitors obtain high-level information about each package. By clicking on a package, the visitor will access detailed features and benefits for SHIELD360°TM, MicroSHIELD360°TM, ChemiSHIELD360°TM, and UltraSHIELD360°TM. Searching directly by feature is also an option. The drop-down menu allows access to features that can be linked back to each package. For more information, users can contact SMA by an online form, search for a representative, or use Sumitomo's interactive product design tool, the Configurator.


"The protection on the outside now reflects the beauty of the highly engineered gearing on the inside," said Kevin Blount, the visionary behind the SHIELD360°TM protection packages. Blount, a Corporate Industry Manager, wanted to simplify the selection process by providing customers with four great options that serve a variety of applications in the food and beverage industry.


Customers looking for protection packages can rely on SHIELD360°TM as a premium choice. The new microsite reflects the quality of Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America engineered products with its innovative approach, high quality graphics and intuitive tools.


Please visit www.shield360.sumitomodrive.com to find out more.

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