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American Linc and Sumitomo Partnering to Benefit Small Farming Operations

April 27, 2004

Chesapeake, VA USA


American Linc Corporation (ALC) of Gastonia, North Carolina is introducing a new textile machine that can help improve yield and revenue opportunities for small farms, specifically wool cottage industry farms. The new machine, called a Needle Felting Machine, allows the farmers to create felt from harvested animal hair that until now, was often unusable. ALC's machine uses a process to bind animal hair together to create felt fabric that has exceptional strength and insulating properties, and can be used in blankets or other non-woven applications.

"We have served the large corporate yarn industry for years," said Lynn Hoover, President of ALC. "This new product incorporates ‘corporate' level technology and processes, but we've been able to engineer a machine that is cost-effective for small farm operations." Hoover describes many of the hand-operated processes in smaller cottage industry farms as being the same as commercial operations. "There are small operations all over the country who can benefit from this machine's ability to increase production yields from their existing harvest of animal hair like alpaca, sheep and goat."

American Linc chose Sumitomo's Hyponic® gearmotors and Cyclo® speed reducers based on their high quality and reliability, and are using Sumitomo's AC Drives for control of the motors. Because ALC is also an extensive supplier of spare parts in the corporate textile machinery industry, they fully understand the importance of quality, experience and fine craftsmanship in the parts they choose.

"ALC is an innovative company that is agile enough to adapt its ‘corporate' experience and technology expertise to meet the needs of the smaller farm operation," said Don Melton, District Sales Manager for Sumitomo, who worked alongside ALC in designing the machine.

"What's amazing is that the deeper we get into this small cottage market and the more we learn about their business, the more opportunity we can see for the Needle Felting Machine to benefit their operations," added Hoover. The first two machines are in operation on farms in Kentucky and Michigan. Next, ALC will be introducing its new product at Sheep Wool Trade Events.

For more information on American Linc Corporation, visit www.americanlinc.com.

For further infomation, contact Stefanie Burns, Marketing Communications Manager

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