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Sumitomo Launches Aggressive 8-Product

June 17, 2004

Chesapeake, VA USA

Rounding Out the Breadth and Depth of Superior Quality Power Transmission Solutions

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America is hitting the road this summer with its New Products 2003 Campaign, introducing an expansive line of new products from sub-fractional gearmotors to highly specialized, heavy industrial speed reducers.

The new generation Cyclo® 6000 Concentric Speed Reducer and Gearmotor responds to the user demand for smaller, more compact designs that deliver maximum output torque. There are now 39 standard sizes, and Cyclo 6000 has higher torque density than ever before, with 10-30% higher power capacity in the same size package as previously offered.

Cyclo's unique and powerful technology is also available in other orientations - as a Cyclo® BBB Right Angle Speed Reducer, and the Cyclo® HBB Offset Parallel Speed Reducer. These products have the same higher torque capacity, in a smaller envelope design. The Cyclo BBB is now available up to 40 hp.

The newest generation Hyponic® Gearmotor is enhanced with a C-Face adapter, increasing its application possibilities. Faster deliveries are now being made from the comprehensive Hyponic Assembly Center in Sumitomo's Chesapeake, Virginia (USA) manufacturing facility.

The HSM - Helical Shaft Mount - has higher ratings of up to 300 hp and a standard CEMA screw conveyor drive. With the keyless Taper-Grip“ bushing, shaft mount installation and removal is now much easier, particularly in rugged, hostile application environments.

The new IB Precision Drive is highly competitive in terms of its lightweight and small size. The IB is being applied in diverse applications ranging from wide-format inkjet printers, to test instrumentation that is used to measure grip strength of the human hand.

The new generation heavy industrial Paramax 9000 Series has higher ratings, and includes the introduction of the SFC Cooling Tower Drive and SEC Extruder Drive. These newest models are specifically designed and engineered for higher performance, fast and easy specification, and optimum reliability in these specific environments.

The New Products Road Show commenced in June and will continue until August. "Sumitomo now has more options for high quality power transmission solutions than we have ever had before, all under the halo of the highly reliable Sumitomo brand," stated Joe Baker, Vice President and General Manager for Sumitomo's Cyclo Business Unit. "For our customers and the sales distribution network serving them, this means that all their needs can be met with one phone call or one web site visit - from small to large, right angle to inline, gearmotor to speed reducer, heavy industrial Paramax to IB Precision Drives."

"In addition to our new and expanded product lines, we have new ways to support our customers, such as our new web site www.smcyclo.com," added Baker. The Cyclo technology is illustrated on the web site in a 2-minute video clip that illustrates the Cyclo's unique principle of operation.

For further infomation, contact Stefanie Burns, Marketing Communications Manager

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