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Sumitomo Impresses in Latin American Heavy Industry Trade Shows

November 24, 2003

Sumitomo Drive Technologies took its show on the road in this last quarter of 2003 with a whirlwind tour of Industrial Trade Shows throughout the Latin America countries of Peru, Mexico and Chile.


“Overall, the Latin American market holds a vast potential for us because of the explosive growth in heavy industries such as steel, cement, mining, sugar milling, and pulp and paper, said Marcelo Zapatero, Sumitomo’s General Manager of Latin American Sales & Operations.  “Our Cyclo Speed Reducers and Gearmotors, HSM Shaft Mount Reducer and Paramax industrial gearboxes are well-suited for these rugged operations that depend on robust performance and minimal downtime.”


The Trade Show tour began in September in Peru, and will wrap up in Chile this week.  Following is the itinerary, with Zapatero’s comments:


Expo Azucarera Sugar Show
Vera Cruz, Mexico
10-12 September 2003
”Mexico is undergoing several large nationalizations whereby the Government of Mexico is buying back several sugar mills that were privatized in the past.  Mexico is making big investments in modernizing the mills and getting them back in to optimum service.”


Extemin 2003 Mining Show
Arequipa,  Peru
15-19 September 2003
”Peru mining is heating up due to raising copper and gold prices.”


XXV International Mining Conference
Acapulco, Mexico
22-25 October 2003
”Just like Peru and Chile, copper and gold continue to strengthen, so this translates into more capital expenditures.  We have already successfully engaged with several large international mining companies on large projects.”


Exponor 2003 Mining Expo
Antofagasta, Chile
25-29 November 2003


Zapatero is confident that Sumitomo’s success in these markets will only continue.  “We make good products that ‘fit’ the customers needs,” he said.   “We offer good value in a wide range of products that are very robust for these demanding applications, yet competitively priced.”


For further infomation, contact Antonio Monteiro.


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