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Grupo Bimbo Rates Sumitomo Performance at 100% for Two Consecutive Months

November 3, 2003

Grupo Bimbo, a respected international leader in the baking industry, has awarded Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America – Sumitomo Drive Technologies with a flawless, 100% Supplier Rating for July and August 2003.


“This formal supplier rating addresses quality of service delivered by its vendors, for inside sales support, product quality and performance, as well as field sales and technical support,” said Marcel Zapatero, Sumitomo’s General Manager of Latin American Sales & Operations. 


“Their most important category in the rating process is how well the supplier reacts to Bimbo’s needs in terms of ‘partnering’ on their requirements.  Bimbo is acknowledging vendors who recommend and sell a high value solution that benefits the customer’s business overall,” added Zapatero, who commended Sumitomo’s Mexican sales and operations company, SM-Cyclo of Mexico, for their award-winning performance.


Bimbo bakeries in 12 locations throughout Mexico use Sumitomo’s Cyclo, Cyclo BBB and Hyponic gearmotors and speed reducers in their commercial baking operations for conveyors, ovens, mixers and agitators inherent to their baking processes. SM-Cyclo of Mexico provides the sales, applications engineering, service and operations support to these multiple locations.


Grupo Bimbo produces, distributes and markets over 3,600 products, the most important ones including a variety of loaf breads, pastries, cupcakes and pound cakes, small cakes, confectionery products, sweet and salted snacks, packed cornmeal and wheat flour tortillas, tostadas, and caramel candies.


Founded in 1945 in Mexico City, Grupo Bimbo manufactures, distributes and markets its products in Mexico, the United States and 11 Latin American countries.  Grupo Bimbo began importing products to the United States in the 1970s. 

For further infomation, contact Antonio Monteiro.

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