Quick Ship: Sumitomo Drive

Small and Medium Gearmotor Quick Ship Program

Eligible products: Cyclo®, BBB, HBB, Hyponic, HSM, and any parts in stock. 

We currently have four facilities in the US building small and medium gearmotor products. If all the parts are in stock in one of these facilities, for a small fee, we will guarantee same day, 1-day, or 2-day lead times. All standard Cyclo, BBB, HBB, Hyponic, and HSM units are eligible, as are any parts in stock.

This is our commitment to you. If your product is eligible for a quick ship, and we fail to meet our commitment, we will waive any additional fees and pay the freight to get you your unit quickly. With a greater than 97% on-time delivery within our quick ship program, we are confident we will live up to our promise.


Eligible accessories and options include Cooling Fan, Various Breather Options, Double Seals, Viton Seals, Oil Gauge, Drain Valve, Backstop, and multiple paint options. Additionally, swing bases are available in select sizes.
Deliveries of eligible units range from 4-6 weeks and is contingent upon inventory availability. All inventory not in stock can be sourced and expedited at the customers' discretion.



  • Products must be horizontal (parallel or right angle) and fall between sizes 9050 and 9085.
  • Eligible ratios are 16 thru 63 (within eligible frame sizes).
  • Solid metric shafts only. Keyed hollow bore, shrink disk, inch, and double extended shafts are not eligible.

 All PX Express orders are managed by a project manager to ensure your needs are met.

For more information about Quick Ship, please consult your Sumitomo representative. 

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