PT Experience: Cyclo BBB

Explore the Cyclo BBB's with PT Experience for iPad

 PT Experience offers three main functions: Augmented Reality, Discover the Features and Contact SumitomoPT Experience for Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® is an Augmented Reality mobile application exclusively for the Apple iPad.

PT Experience: Cyclo BBB offers three main functions: a customizable Augmented Reality experience for both Cyclo® BBB products, an in-depth look at all of the Cyclo® BBBs' internal and external features, and an opportunity to connect directly to Sumitomo's representatives and online resources. 

Download and print the image targets you need to use the Augmented Reality portion of this app from the link to the right.



   PT Experience: Using the tracker image, the selected unit is displayed in the user's iPad view finder.PT Experience: In the Discover the Features function, users can learn about the various options for each of the Cyclo BBB's different components.

This Augmented Reality experience allows the user to customize the Cyclo® BBB products by selecting the basic input and output options necessary for their application, and then view their selected product in real space through the iPad’s view finder.

  • - Basic input and output selection options for the two Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® products, the Cyclo® BBB4 and the Cyclo®® BBB5
  • - Customizable Augmented Reality experience for two Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® products, the Cyclo® BBB4 and the Cyclo® BBB5

The Discover the Features function enables the user to explore all of the internal and external features of Sumitomo’s Cyclo® BBB right-angle drives.

  • An interactive environment to learn about the internal and external features and options of both Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox® products
  • Product animations are available, showing an exploded view of the components as well as animated gearing

Send an email to Sumitomo or launch the Locate A Representative function in your iPad's default browser.

Launch Sumitomo's website in your iPad's default browser to navigate through our website for product information, industry-specific information, and white papers.

Launch Sumitomo's product selection tool, the Configurator, in your iPad's default browser. View the instruction video in the app to optimize your app experience.

Note: PT Experience: Cyclo® BBB is available in English and for iPad only.

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Download and print this marker to use the Augmented Reality function of PT Experience!

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