IP69K Certification for UltraSHIELD360°® Gearmotors

IP69K Certification: Taking the UltraSHIELD360°® Coated Product Line to the Next Level:

In the Food & Beverage Industry, there has been a shift from food contamination containment to food contamination prevention to ensure high standards are upheld. IP69K certification of equipment operating in the Food & Beverage industry is instrumental in safeguarding these objectives. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids. Areas with food processing equipment must be able to withstand high pressure, chemical, high temperature, and wash-down procedures to meet the demands of their environment.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies understands this and is pleased to announce that its UltraSHIELD360° coated line of Food & Beverage gear reducer products are now IP69K certified. Our UltraSHIELD° gear products have undergone the most rigorous test and are now proven to provide the maximum level of food processing equipment protection the industry has to offer. UltraSHIELD360° products with IP69K certification include:

Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ UltraSHEILD360° Food & Beverage customers, particularly those facilities processing poultry, meats, fruits, and vegetables, benefit from IP69K certified reducers, realizing greater product longevity, enhanced reliability, and sustainable performance. This advantage is due to less internal product exposure to moisture, temperature swings and corrosion such as rust. Other advantages of the UltraSHEILD360° coated line of reducer products include:

  • NSF H1 food grade lubricant, FDA 21 CFR compliant (synthetic for Hyponic)
  • Stainless steel component options with FDA Stainless Steel Gray color standard


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