Cyclo® Helical Buddybox (Cyclo HBB)

What kind of torque arm do you supply? At what position should it be mounted?

The standard torque arm assembly is shown in the Dmensions section of our catalog.  The torque arm should be mounted at 90 degrees to a line from the point of attachment to the reducer and the center of the output bore with up to 30 degrees plus or minus variance.  It should always be mounted in tension, not compression.  A bracket type torque arm is also offered as a non-stock option.

How do I select a Cyclo® HBB reducer or gearmotor?
What information do I need to get started in the selection process?
What are service factors and how are they used?
What do I do if my application has particularly severe operating conditions?
How can I be sure that the reducer can withstand periodic excessive overloads?
What are the standard input speeds?
What are the thermal limitations of the Cyclo® HBB?
Why is a Taper-Grip® bushing used? What is its material?
What kind of torque arm do you supply? At what position should it be mounted?
What is the difference in the mounting positions of the Cyclo® HBB?

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