Fine Cyclo®

All FA types in 4 to 6 sizes

  • Gear ratios 29:1 to 179;1 single-stage
  • Rated torque up to 5,140 Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 7,610 Nm
 FC-A   Standard unit without bearing support on the output flange
 F1C-A    Drive with output side cross roller bearing
 F2C-A  Drive with output flange and integrated tapered roller bearing
 Option: F-flange housing
 F3C-A  Drive with output flange and tapered roller bearing

All FC Types in 5 sizes
  • Gear ratios single-stage 59:1, 89:1, 119:1
  • Rated output torque 412 to 3,139Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 6,278Nm
  • Hollow shaft diameter 49 to 99mm
 F2C-C &
 Hollow shaft drive, e.g. for cable housing, with drive shaft   
 running on bearing, in totally sealed design in 5 sizes

All FT Types in 7 Sizes
  • Gear ratios from 81:1 to 171:1
  • Rated torque up to 6,140Nm
  • Acceleration torque up to 11,000Nm
 F2C-T &
 With optimized curve profile, integrated tapered roller bearing
 and high torque
 Option:  F-flange housing in 7 sizes


Torque 1318 to 54,339 lb-in.
Ratio 29:1 to 179:1

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