Hyponic® - Right Angle Drive

What should be considered when connecting to the Hyponic® shaft?

When mounting a pulley, sprocket, or sheave, mount as close to the unit housing as possible; never mount beyond the midpoint of the shaft projection to avoid undue bearing load and shaft deflection.  Never overtighten belts or chains.  Careful and accurate installation is essential for best results and trouble-free operation.  Before installing, the shafts should be checked to make sure they are parallel and level.  After mounting, alignment should be checked with a string or straight edge held against the sides of the sprocket or pulley base.  Couplings should be properly aligned to the limits specified by the manufacturer.  Check alignment prior to initial startup on coupled Hyponic® units.

I want to change the motor on a Hyponic® unit. How can I do this?
What are the advantages of the Hyponic® reducer over other right angle drives?
How do I select a Hyponic® reducer or gearmotor?
What information do I need to get started in the selection process?
What are service factors and how are they used?
What do I do if my application has particularly severe operating conditions?
How can I be sure that the reducer can withstand periodic excessive overloads?
What are the standard input speeds?
What are the thermal limitations of the Hyponic®?
What is the standard mounting of the Hyponic®?
Do you supply a torque arm? At what position should it be mounted?
What is the required tolerance of the shaft to be used on the Hyponic®?
What is the rotation of the Hyponic shaft?
What should be considered when connecting to the Hyponic® shaft?
Should overhung load and thrust load be considered when making a selection?
What is meant by load centering?
What is the efficiency of a hypoid reducer?

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