Paramax® SFC Cooling Tower Drive

Paramax® SFC Cooling Tower and Air Cooled Condenser Drives are designed specially for high performance in these specific applications and environments.

With the same cost-saving features associated with the Paramax® 9000 series, these drives will outperform competitors’ products, even in the most demanding environments.

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  • Standard Accessories:
    • Low Speed Shaft Seal Hood
    • Cooling Fan
    • Oil Sight Gauge
    • Magnetic Drain Plug
    • Oil Splash Lubrication
    • Epoxy Resin Paint Finish

  • Optional Accessories include:
    • Backstop1
    • Oil Pump1
    • Oil Flow Switch
    • Oil Level Switch
    • Filtered Breather
    • Immersion Oil Heater
    • High Build Epoxy Resin Paint (180µm)

  • Backstop/Oil Pump does not protrude below mounting surface and will not obstruct with fan hub or mounting base.

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