Hansen P4 Single Stage Gear Units

The Hansen P4 Single Stage gearbox is available in 9 different sizes, with up to 170,000 Nm torque output and with a power rating of up to 10,500kW. To complement the Hansen P4 Multistage gear units, Hansen has introduced a brand-new and innovative range of single stage gear units, suitable for various applications requiring small reduction ratios, such as paper machines, pumps, compressors, etc.


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Features of P4 Single Stage Units:

  • New, heavy duty single stage gear units extend into the multi megawatt power range
  • High torque geometry in low speed gear sets
  • Low noise geometry in high speed gear sets
  • Dedicated housings for single stage applications
  • Enlarged, monoblock or split housing and increased shaft height for higher thermal ratings
  • Housing can accomodate gear sets with different center distances
  • The rounded housing design features a smooth surface to minimize dirt or moisture accumulation
  • Oversized inspection cover
  • Balance between mechanical, thermal and bearing rating for all ratios results in a new and more logic approach of size selection
  • Two housing mounting positions, horizontal and upright
  • Our Oil-LockTM system is standard sealing for high speed shaft
  • Tapered roller bearings fitted into a rigid housing absorb the high internal gear forces
  • Options for improved protection such as labyrinth sealing, anti-dust or anti-moisture breather

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