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Case Studies

Sumitomo drives Tortilla Machines

Sumitomo Cyclo 6000, Cyclo BBB and Hyponic Drives improve efficiency and quality of tortilla equipment.

Cyclo Aerators drive the Aquaculture Industry

The aquaculture industry uses Sumitomo Cyclo drives as key components in paddlewheels that oxygenate water.

ColdJet cleans with Cyclo

ColdJet, a leader in dry ice technology, is setting industry standards with new products and cleaning methods.

Cyclo drives the Veneer and Plywood Industry

Ventek Inc. uses Cyclo 6000 speed reducers to speed up wood products manufacturing.

The Best Gearbox, The Fastest Response

Nucor Steel switches to Sumitomo's Cyclo 6000 gearbox after successful trial in their tunnel furnace application.

"The Big Three" drives on Sumitomo solutions

Visi-Trol specifies Sumitomo for their automotive industry customers.

"Ultra-Reliable" Cyclo drives Dynamic Conveyors

Dynamic Conveyors maintains sustainability using Sumitomo Cyclo Drives

Sugar Beet Processor cuts downtime with Sumitomo reducers

Sugar Beet Manufacturers rely on Sumitomo Cyclo Drives to bring them through another successful season

Sumitomo Cyclo's Crush, Compact, Repeat…

The Sumitomo Cyclo Drives prove to be indestructible in difficult shreading and compacting applications.

Aerator Input Requirements

Aerators are a fundamentally essential process in the efficient treatment of wastewater. Sumitomo gearboxes help aerate

Queue Conveyor Design from a Gearmotor Perspective

Airport Baggage Handling: Queue Conveyor Design from a Gearmotor Perspective

Gear Drive Selection Process for the Parcel Handling Industry

Gear Drive Selection Process for the Parcel Handling Industry

Application Spotlight: JBT AeroTech Jetway Systems

This article is an application spotlight on the passenger boarding bridge found in airports around the world.

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