Cyclo® 6000

“Because of the high starting torque and low operating speeds, chains and sprocket drives were impractical and standard gear type reducers were subject to failure. The Cyclo® speed reducers solved these drawbacks. They are rugged and readily withstand the high torque loads. In fact, they run like clockwork…Maintenance? Zero. We have never had to replace a bearing.”

Cheese Manufacturer
Tillamook, OR

“The Sumitomo gear reducers are very efficient and require practically no maintenance. We supply them as standard on all of our conveyors and tunnels unless a customer specifically requests a gearmotor from someone else. Sumitomo also gives us great service. We get a lot of quick turnaround orders, and on a few occasions, Sumitomo has been able to get reducers on their way to us within a day. And their gear reducers seem to run forever. We include a list of replacement parts with every conveyor we deliver, in case a customer needs a spare part, and I seldom remember when anyone ordered a replacement reducer due to failure.”

Bakery Conveyor Manufacturer
Taylorsville, GA

“We have used various gearboxes and nothing compares to the durability and longevity of Sumitomo drives. Our customers now demand Sumitomo Cyclo Drives”

Catfish Aerator Manufacturer
Macon, MS

“I dont know if you realize it, but word of mouth is Sumitomo's best sales tool. When we were still in the planning stages, I checked around with other folks in our business about their experience with drives. The word in our industry and among our 'extended family' of sawmill owners is that Sumitomo's Cyclo Drives are great! Sumitomo claims 500% shock load capacity and I believe it. You might think that on a flooring line we wouldn't have much shock loading compared to a traditional wood mill. But when boards jam or when we put 6 or 7 packages at a time on our haul-up conveyor, that's 48,000 pounds. Cyclos handle those sudden stops and starts with no problem.”

Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer
Macon, GA

“We wanted a speed reducer that we knew could hold up to the 24/7 operation of our Robotic Patching System. We needed something as reliable as our robots, even though we were asking it to run through high starting and stopping speeds and continuous operations under the hard environmental conditions (high temperature, dust, etc). Cyclo has come through with flying colors and has performed better than any other reducer we have used before. Not only have we had no problems--we have been able to push the cycle time further than we could imagine. We will continue to use Cyclo on all material handling conveyors that we manufacture.”

Veneer & Plywood Machinery Equipment
Eugene, OR

“Sumitomo Cyclo speed reducers performed 24 hours a day for 10 million hours of production time until one finally quit. I accept that kind of performance.”

Alberta, Canada

“We've got just a single line going through the plant. If that line is down, then we're really hurting...We're running 15,000 bd ft an hour and it's a big expense for us when we have to repair a breakdown due to a gear failure. We have to have something that is reliable. We're considering switching all our gearboxes to Sumitomo's Cyclo units.”

Paper Mills
Fitzgerald, GA

“Cyclo drives have given us the best performance of any of the gear drives we've ever had in this plant. Not only have we noticed a 40% reduction in amp draw over previous units, we find that our mixers are distributing wastewater to all corners of the tank. This tells us that the Cyclo Drives are using less energy while supplying more torque than we used previously.”

Hillsborough County, FL

“In our environment, it's about reliability. The Cyclo is the most reliable reducer in the market. With the Cyclo, there is no catastrophic failure. They just begin to get noisy, allowing us to stand by the reducer and replace it when it's convenient to us. It's been a good partnership with Sumitomo all around: from the local salesperson, to the technical support, to the customer service in Glendale Heights.”

Cleveland, OH

“We have over 20 miles of belt conveyors, some up to five feet wide, move the packages through a complex network at speeds to 400fpm. When you move those volumes at those speeds, you need to avoid a drive breakdown. We choose Sumitomo Cyclo speed reducers because problems often associated with toothed gears are precluded.”

Memphis, TN

“We've switched over to gears based on cycloidal discs for all our indexing equipment. With conventional gears, the constant starting and stopping would break down the motor windings.”

Beverage Case Packer
Hightstown, NJ

“When you need these high-reductions in a compact, durable, low-maintenance package, Cyclos are really the only choice. We specify Sumitomo for every critical appliation requiring drives and controllers.”

Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways
Newport News, VA

“Our applications are so demanding that we've broken shafts, we've broken pillow blocks, but we've never broken a Cyclo reducer. In one case, the gears of one of the previous drives flew right out of the casing when shock pounded the worm right through it. Now, anytime a drive in the plant failed, whenever possible, we replace it with a Cyclo. Cyclo tolerates harsh operating conditions like rapid reversal, shock loads, water, dirt and heat better than any other gearbox.”

Whitby, Ontario

“Our first experience with Sumitomo was very convincing. A gearmotor was failing periodically on a horizontal rotary furnace at one of our installations. The application was particularly demanding. Production schedules at the installation would not always allow maintenance when needed and the gearmotor was subjected to high heat, abrasive dust, and an uneven (at times pounding) load. At the time, we were using a very large and robust drive from a well-known US manufacturer. Sumitomo suggested a Cyclo drive that was very compact. In fact, it was so compact that my first impression was to reject it without even a trial. In the end, we did install it and it has served since, without any fail, for decades. I was surprised that such a small compact drive could so complely outperform its much larger predecessor.”

Chadds Ford, PA

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